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River Properties is a family-owned business that it is specialized in the sale of rental properties. We have our assets mostly in Setúbal taking advantage of a pleasant and strategic location in Portugal.

Our huge experience and knowledge about the real estate market enables us to be nowadays more than a typical landlord. Besides renting you a property we want to ensure that you have everything you need with special conditions as part of our network. We eliminate third-parties interests from our relationship, speaking directly to you and treat you as a customer and not a tenant.


Focus on specific public audiences and new comers

Our expertise in this market makes us a great choice for those who do not want to take risks and spend much time finding a new place to live. We are used to work with doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers and other professionals who sometimes need to find a new place to work outsider their provenience. If you are at this point searching for a new place to live in Setúbal contact us.

As well as those specific audiences, we offer a differentiated service for the new comers. The ones who live abroad and want to have a property in Portugal.  Support with the paperwork and providing you the essentials for having a quiet life at our country and region is something we are used to do: opening a bank account, getting a residence certificate, etc.

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